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Firebird Glass
Unique Fused and Stained Glass Art 

I have always been drawn to the beauty of glass as it changes the light shining through it. I particularly loved the detailed images in church windows with their images of animals and flowers.


I eventually attended an evening class at St Pauls Learning Centre in Bristol in 2005 to learn how to make stained glass panels. One evening I happened to see a piece of glass that another student had just fired in the kiln. It was rounded and smooth to touch and I was inspired by the reflective beauty and depth of colour and felt drawn to learn how to fuse glass and how to include images in my work


Having retired in 2021, I had more time to spend on the creative process. I began to experiment (play) more with inks, glass and technology and eventually found a way to create  my own screen prints to transfer images on to glass. I returned to making stained glass panels when it seemed like a natural fit for my screen prints. I now produce both stained glass and fused glass. 


I will be exhibiting my new work at the Circular Art Space Exhibition in Fishponds Bristol from 3rd April 2024.


After taking some time off I will also be returning to teach 'images on glass' in the Autumn of 2024 at The Glass Loft in Brislington Bristol. 

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